Monday, April 3, 2017

What to do with Ashes?

Over the weekend a friend posted an interesting link on my Facebook account which gave me an idea for a new blog.  The link is option 7 here.

Another blog will be coming soon on "Green Burials" but today I am considering what you can do with ashes, beyond the traditional scattering.  There are two important points to make right upfront.  First, whatever you do make sure you have the necessary permission.  Second, decide something as there are too many stories of mishaps with ashes left hanging around, such as Keith Richards apparently snorting his father and a few burglars following along in similar lines.

Like with all things you should discuss it with those around you if any of this appeals to you.  I am thinking mainly option 1, but also some of 3 too.

Note that you get back a lot of ashes, so some of these options require only a small portion of ashes, or due to limitations can only take a small portion.

So here are some suggestions:

1.  A Tree

You can select a tree, the seeds are part of a biodegradable urn, which uses the ashes to nourish the ground which the tree grows in.  Of course you have to plan carefully ahead where you are going to plant the tree, though your back garden may be obvious if you are planning on moving then this may not be best.  Talk to your local authority and see where they have tree planting projects and if you can have your urn planted as part of this project.

Go here for suitable urns:

2.  Tattoos

Tattoos are getting more and more popular and some tattoo parlous will mix ashes in with the ink they are using for tattoos.  In this way your loved one is with you wherever you go.  Of course be sure to check the medical risks first.

3.  Fireworks

Off with a bang!  Have ashes become part of a firework, send them off with a bang as they are scattered.

Here are a couple of links:

UK -
US -

4.  Diamonds

Using the carbon content from within ashes a unique diamond can be grown, with many options to choose from.

5.  To the moon!

A portion of ashes can be sent to the moon or blasted off into outer space.  Only a small portion of the ashes will typically be used due to the size and weight of ashes.

6.  In a painting.

Ashes can be mixed with the oil in oil paint to crate a unique picture.  It can be a portrait of the ashes donor, a memorable landscape, whatever is an appropriate symbol.

7.  As a record

With a brilliant name, AndVinyly will press your ashes into a record for you.

8.  Stained Glass

Similar to the paint, but with stained glass which gives rise to many sculptured possibilities.

9.  Sculpture

Have a unique sculpture created contining some of the ashes.

10.  At your favourite team's pitch.

Some clubs do and some clubs do not allow you to scatter ashes at their grounds.  Some will allow to scatter on the pitch whereas others may have special memorial areas.  Here are some links to help (and not my favourite English club is top of the heap here, if nowhere else).

UK -
US - Contact the appropriate stadium to see what their rules are

Peter Barrett