Monday, March 13, 2017

After Death Email - It's not for you?

Before we decided to develop a lot of thought and consultation went into the decision - as with any business decision.  We generally got a very favorable reaction, but two groups of reactions stood out:

  1.  It is not for me, I do not like the sound of my own voice, do not know why anyone would want to hear from me when I am no longer here.

  2.  I had a recording of my Mom left on our answerphone, I would play it over and over again so I could hear her voice again.  Eventually the recording got accidentally erased and I miss it so much.

As you can no doubt see, reaction 2 answers reaction 1.  This is the point of the blog, after death emails or messages are not for you, they are for those who love you and will miss you when you are gone.  They help with the grieving process and can turn a sad day into a happier one.

This is one of the reasons we set up a service to deliver messages on anniversaries.  These are often the days when a loved one is missed, so now a new message can be received on each anniversary and what may be a day dreaded turns into a day of love and remembrance through receiving a message you have never had before.

Imagine a child saying, "I cannot wait for my next Birthday, I am going to get a new message from Dad".

Then like with the answering machine, you can log into the website and playback that message whenever you want, wherever you are.  The only thing you cannot do is access those messages left for the future.

My one dread is the following, someone asking the following, "Did my Mother leave messages for me with your service?" and knowing that her Mother had talked about it, but never got round to it as she believed she was not about to pass and having to tell that person, "No, sorry".

For your children or loved ones (not you), sign up today and set up that first message; may be the best five minutes you have donated to your child ever.

Peter Barrett

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