Friday, March 24, 2017

Checklist of Things to Prepare Before you Pass.

This may be a slightly unsettling news item, but the problem is that too many people are not prepared for what would happen if the worst occured.  What you do not want to do is leave your loved ones with a mess to clear up after you and worse still, the state grabbing much of what you spent your life building, so be prepared.  As we said in a previous News Item it is never too early to start planning, but too late is exactly that.
Here is the GoneNotGone checklist, if you think it is useful, let us know and we will make it a link on the home page, if there is something I have missed, let me know and I can add it, we want to be more than an after death email service.
1.`Prepare a will with a legal professional.  Do not delay, start the ball rolling today by calling a lawyer.
2. Designate a "Power of Attorney" at the same time as making your will.  You may want more than one power, depending on the use (e.g. one for financial matters, another for health matters).  With this you may want to include what would happen to you if you were on life support, do you want to donate your organs etc.  Remember there is a chance you can give life to many when you lose your life.
3. As above, make sure you are registered as an organ donor if that is your wish.
4.  Pre-plan your funeral and start paying for it, life insurance may not cover these costs.  At the very least make sure those closest to you know if you want to be cremated and what should happen to your ashes.
5. Prepare your funeral service wishes too, who you want there, who you do not want there, a list of contact information and how you want to be remembered (for me, I want people to wear bright colours, tell bad jokes and remember the good things, hopefully laugh).
6. Set up your future memories using gonenotgone.  Do not delay, start today, this can be fun and could be the one most valuable step here.
7.  Make a list of banks, accounts, passwords etc. and make sure your main executor knows where it is.  keep it updated.
8.  Make sure all house deeds, car titles (V5s etc.) are easy to locate.
9.  Ensure all utility contracts are available so there is no problem with the electricity being turned off or similar.

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